About company

The company AMBIFLEX s.r.o.

Product excellence

More than just a FIBC's (Big Bag) development it is essential for satisfying our clients' expectations. Every step in the development and supply of an Ambiflex product, with which our clients can be completely happy, are of equal importance, from the choice of materials, through the adoption of cutting-edge technology, the preservation of stringent safety standards, to the punctual on-time delivery of the finished product.

Quality requirements - approved partners

To make sure the system functions properly and the finished result satisfies the required standards, quality standards are applied. A quality management system BRC, ISO 9001:2015 and a food safety management system BRC, ISO 22000:2018 specifies specific steps that must be taken in order to meet this standard. According to the most recent BRC, ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 certification standard, all of Ambiflex's manufacturing partners are accredited. This accreditation attests to the relevant standards' observance in the areas of production, organizational, and documentation. To raise the standard, we never stop striving.

In-Process Inspection

All the bags / bag components under production are inspected in this section.

  • Extrusion: Denier, strength, width and elongation of tapes.
  • Weaving: Fabric width, mesh, texture, GSM, marking color code, breaking strength, and elongation.
  • Needle Loom: Width, strength, and weight per meter of webbing.
  • Lamination: Bonding and thickness.
  • Liner: Dimensions, thickness, open ability, sealing, breaking strength and elongation, dart impact.
  • Cutting: Weight per piece, cut length and width of all fabric, loops etc.
  • Stitching: Type of stitching, attachment, loop and other component fixing.
  • Finishing: Production sample against each order is prepared and checked for customer specification. Final production to start on first sample approval only. Visual inspection of all the bags under production for overall appearance and contamination. One bag out of every 25 bags is checked for the dimensions of attached parts and main body as per customer specifications.
  • Traceability: With the distinct identifying numbers assigned to each and every order, we can find the Manufacturer, Amount, Time, and much more with just a single click.

Why choose us

Enhanced product

At Ambiflex Sro, we are always pushing the boundaries of research and development. As far as product quality is concerned, it makes us stronger every day.

Quality control

Our company's cornerstone is quality, which is deeply ingrained in our vision and ethics. We are focused to meeting the criteria and maximizing the efficiency of the quality management.

Improved client experience

Our unwavering commitment to customer service enables our clients to concentrate on their primary business. Customer service is Ambiflex's strength, whether it is before or after a transaction.

Quick Delivery

By keeping your bags in stock, we are able to address the urgent needs, thanks to our extensive warehouse networks.