Bulk bags - BIG BAGS are large, woven polypropylene bags, designed to transport a large amount of bulk material.

100% Recyclable

Wide range of sizes

Possibility of printing


PE liner

Examples of using BIG BAGS


  • sand
  • soil
  • gravel
  • rubble
  • styrofoam
  • wool
  • etc.


  • mulch bark
  • fertilizer
  • urea
  • vegetables
  • seed
  • etc.


  • textile waste
  • slivers
  • production waste
  • granules
  • glass
  • etc.


  • non-ferrous metals
  • scrap
  • paper
  • glass
  • etc.


  • chips
  • wood waste
  • sawdust
  • etc.

Types of BIG BAGS

Four-panel BigBag bag

Four panel

This BigBag is made by sewing 4 separate walls together, creating a very flexible square-shaped bag. Adding a bottom creates a bag for transporting not only bulk material.
U-panel BigBag bag


BigBag is created by sewing two long fabrics bent into a "U" shape. After lifting and filling, the bag takes on a square shape. U-panel bags stand out for their long service life and safe working load.
Round BigBag bag


An alternative to four-panel BigBags produced on a circular loom. The bag has a smooth closed shape without vertical seams. It is suitable for delicate and hygroscopic materials. After filling, the bag takes on a classic square shape.
Partition BigBag bag


Four-panel BigBag supplemented with special inner fabric dividers at the inner corners to improve shape stability and stackability. These help maintain the square shape of the bag, which is generally used in four-panel or U-panel BigBags.

Hanging loops

BigBags can be equipped with different types of hanging loops. In the picture you can see the options for their execution, from which you can choose according to your needs.

BigBagy Cross corner loops
Cross corner loops
BigBagy With an extended flap
With an extended flap
BigBagy Loops on the side seams
Loops on the side seams
BigBagy Stevedore loops
Stevedore loops
BigBagy Tunnel washers
Tunnel washers
BigBagy Extra loops"
Extra loops"

Filling spout and discharge types

Filling spout

BigBagy Hopper valve
Hopper valve
BigBagy Top flap
Top flap
BigBagy Open top
Open top
BigBagy Drawstring
BigBagy Fully closable apron
Fully closable apron
BigBagy Double fully closable apron
Double fully closable apron

Bottom discharge spout

BigBagy Flat bottom
Flat bottom
BigBagy Bottom with drain valve
Bottom with drain valve
BigBagy Bottom with dump apron
Bottom with dump apron

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